Photo of Reed C. Buckland
Reed C. Buckland Office Manager, Fiscal Tech HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-1728
Photo of Candace E. Clemenz
Candace E. Clemenz Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs
Work Phone: (540) 231-6602
No Photo Available
Holly Cromer Head Sec., and Grad. Enrollment Asst. HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-5515
Photo of Tom Deutsch
Tom Deutsch Adjunct HTM
No Photo Available
Richard Farrar Adjunct HTM
Photo of Howard Feiertag
Howard Feiertag Instructor HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-9459
Photo of Candace Fitch
Candace Fitch Visiting Instructor HTM
Home Phone: (540) 231-1208
Photo of Annette Kang
Annette Kang Asst. Professor HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-3287
Photo of Mahmood Khan
Mahmood Khan Professor NCR, HTM
Work Phone: (703) 538-8486
Photo of Eojina Kim
Eojina Kim Assistant Professor and Graduate Faculty HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-3263
Photo of Vincent Magnini
Vincent Magnini Assoc. Professor HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-8425
Photo of Nancy G. McGehee
Nancy G. McGehee Department Head, Professor HTM
Home Phone: (540) 231-1201
Photo of Richard D. Parsons
Richard D. Parsons Instructor HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-8422
Photo of Richard R. Perdue
Richard R. Perdue R.B. Pamplin Professor HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-5515
Photo of Jim Sexton
Jim Sexton Insstructor HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-3258
Photo of Manisha Singal
Manisha Singal Asst. Professor HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-4569
Photo of Gary Walton
Gary Walton Professor of Practice HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-8421
No Photo Available
Teresa Wilson Undergraduate Enrollment Spec. HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-5515
Photo of Zheng (Phil) Xiang
Zheng (Phil) Xiang Asst. Professor HTM
Work Phone: (540) 231-3262
Photo of Anita Zatori
Anita Zatori Visiting Assistant Professor HTM
Home Phone: (540) 231-8426